Guaranteed to increase your insurance settlement | (800) 396-1364

Guaranteed to increase your insurance settlement | (800) 396-1364

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About Us

Firehouse Adjusters was founded by a professional fireman whose joy has been to salvage emergencies. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that this organization is passionate about helping people get the best settlement for their property loss.

Because we are built on a selfless orientation, we have been able to make great impacts in the business of getting great settlements for our clients who have experienced property loss. As Public Adjusters, we go beyond the ordinary to meet people during their crisis to proffer solutions that will make them whole again.

We know how perplexed our clients can be in this discomforting situation, so we make the process as quick as possible even when it’s usually a lengthy one – we ensure they get their payout as soon as possible.

Firehouse Adjusters leverage on a pool of professionals who are versatile on the job, possessing the required expertise to handle every claim case according to its uniqueness. Whether it is a water damage or fire damage case, you are assured of having the best settlement as our experts will take adequate steps from inception to the fulfillment of getting your settlement.

Firehouse Adjusters looks forward to helping you whenever you experience a property damage, just contact us and immediately we would be on our way to making you happy again in no time.